WIP: ALLISTER BOONE & Imagery & All The Lies We Tell Ourselves

(Originally published under the pseudonym “Torvi Tacuski”)


When I started writing ALLISTER BOONE about eight weeks ago, it was supposed to be just another project – an exciting one, no less. But, the truth is that I was lying to myself by trying to make myself believe it was anything other than my own therapy. But writing has always been my outlet, the way I express myself, and like always it was inevitable that my own life would creep into my work. Though, with ALLISTER BOONE, it did more than creep. This “project” turned out to be way more than I’d intended, the characters, nearly all of them–significant, secondary, and sidelined–mirror reflections of myself. But, for the first time writing any book (and I’ve written many), I’ve unintentionally tapped into my Moment, the day that changed the landscape and the course of my life forever. The day when, as a child, I lost my Innocence.

Of course, I’ll have to leave you hanging here, to avoid spoiling the story. But I’ll leave you with a few photos that after I’d written Chapter 24 (a surreal and revelatory experience for me) I scrambled to find  the proof of how vividly I had remembered the details.

It felt…haunting when I found the photos.

Needless to say, I very much look forward to sharing ALLISTER BOONE with you. And, I admit, I’m a bit nervous too. The story, although entirely fictional on the surface (it is contemporary fantasy, after all), was inadvertently inspired by a true story–my  true story. As screwed up as that will prove to be.