New Project: The Podcast

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See update below!

Yeah so, against the things I detailed here, I’ve taken the plunge and have decided to try my hand in podcasting. I figured since I really do have so much to say, but I don’t feel comfortable speaking on video, maybe I could try voice. Strangely enough, the first two I have done (as of the date of this post) flowed so easily for me that I really think I may have found my other outlet aside from blogging or writing fiction.

I tried a few videos before the podcast, and I just didn’t like it much. I kept getting sidetracked by my teeth (lol), and then too much effort had to go into lighting and possibly adding subtitles, visuals, etc. I needed to simplify. So here I am now in the world of podcasting.

It is titled “Real World Podcast – Sessions With Author Jessica Tacu”. I will be talking about anything and everything: world issues, animal cruelty, domestic violence, poverty, etc. And to balance the dark stuff, I’ll also be talking about publishing, graphic design, things I love to do, etc. But one thing I really want to focus on is helping to build strong women. So, there will be several episodes about my long and treacherous journey to becoming the *mostly* strong woman I am today. I still have a ways to go, but what I’ve learned along the way I hope can help other women who might still be stuck where I used to be.

My podcast is available (so far) on six platforms, so be sure to subscribe/follow/favorite it on your platform of choice so you’ll never miss an episode.

Right now, my goal is to do one episode a week, every Thursday. But I’m also thinking about doing a shorter bonus episode weekly that will involve books – I haven’t decided!

I guess if you’ve ever wanted to get into my head or know more about the kind of person I am, then this podcast definitely offers that opportunity. I hope you’ll join me there! 🙂

UPDATE 1-5-2021 – OK, so podcasting isn’t much my thing, either. I find myself stressing out over being consistent and posting once a week – I wanted something to help me DE-stress, not create more. And I’ve already deleted two of my podcasts: parts 1 and 2 of Self Publishing Do’s & Don’ts. I just wasn’t happy with them, as I realized too late that I left a lot of things out, and they were a lot of work (part 2 I had to do twice because I messed up!). So, I’m going to leave my podcast up, and now and then, when I’m feeling in the mood, I might take the time to do new ones. But I will not be consistent, so please don’t expect something weekly.