Deeper Insight Into Allister Boone – And Me

(Originally published under pseudonym “Torvi Tacuski”) I did an interview recently with a book blogger for ALLISTER BOONE, and I thought I’d share some of the questions and answers here on my own blog, since they really do give a deeper insight into why I wrote this book. I’ve written a lot of books, in […]

WIP: ALLISTER BOONE & Imagery & All The Lies We Tell Ourselves

(Originally published under the pseudonym “Torvi Tacuski”) ALLISTER BOONE: INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY. AND A VULGAR IMAGINATION. When I started writing ALLISTER BOONE about eight weeks ago, it was supposed to be just another project – an exciting one, no less. But, the truth is that I was lying to myself by trying to […]